Sunday, February 25, 2018

Game of Ball & Life!!!

There is always something to learn about life from my favourite ball game.
I am glad to be able to pick up the skill again after a few bounces.
I should play it more often...
Life experiences can be seen in a game....
It's like meditation experience too...
Knowing when to stop is crucial...
One could also chant with each bounce...

Saturday, February 17, 2018

More Inspiring Prayers!!!

Visit to my favourite Vajrayana chanting centre and paying respect to my chanting teacher though he may not have known me in person...:-p
Learnt new inspiring prayers and mantras...
Good reminders on our motivation and aspiration bodhicitta to begin our practice.

Supplications to the Seven Taras 
In the unborn Dharmadhatu abides the Reverend Mother, the deity Tara.
She bestows happiness on all sentient beings. 
I request her to protect me from all fears.

Through not understanding oneself as dharmakaya, one's mind is overpowered by the kleshas.
Our mothers, sentient beings, wander in samsara. Please protect them, Deity Mother.

If the meaning of Dharma is not born in one's heart, one just follow the words of conventional meaning.
Some are deceived by dogma. Please protect them, Perfect Mother.

It's difficult to realise one's mind. Some realise, but do not practice.
Their minds wander to worldly activities. Please protect them, Deity Mother of Recollection.

Non-dual wisdom is the self-born mind. No matter what they do, some are bound by the habits of grasping as duality. Please protect them, Deity of non-dual Wisdom. 

Although some abide in the perfect meaning, they don't realise the interdependence of cause and effect.
They are ignorant of the meaning of objects of knowledge. Please protect them, Omniscient Deity Mother.

The nature of space is free from boundaries. Nothing is different from that. 
Still, practitioners and disciples don't realise this. Please protect them, Perfect Buddha Mother.

Once when Lord Jigten Sumgon was staying at Echung cave, having attained Buddhahood, he had a vision of the Seven Taras. At that time he made this supplication prayer. This prayer has manifold magnificent blessings.

My 1st encounter with this prayer. _/|\_ 

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Flipping thru... found following good reminders...

(Picture source: Internet)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Manjushri Prayer

Manjushri Prayer 
He who has the intuitive wisdom that disperses the clouds of the two obscurations, like the sun shedding a glorious light that is utterly pure.

He who understands all meaning whatsoever, of perfect realization, from whose heart emerges the lotus holding the books of the perfection of wisdom.

Those live in Samsara are the prisoners of ignorance, afflicted by the darkness of suffering. 

Looking after all sentient beings with compassion, like a mother looking after an only child, you have a melodious voice of sixty tones.

Roaring like a dragon, you wake people from the sleep of conflicting emotions, freeing one from the iron shackles of karma.

Dispelling the darkness of their ignorance, thus you wield the sword which cuts down the shoots of suffering. 

Primordially pure, having reached the tenth Bodhisattva level the perfect body of highest qualities, the foremost son of the Buddhas.

Adorned with the hundred and twelve ornaments (major and minor physical perfections of a Buddha) I bow to you, Manjushri, please dispel the darkness of my mind.


I beseech you with the loving kindness of your omniscient light rays

To completely dispel the dark ignorance of my mind, thus giving me the intellectual courage and intelligence to understand the Teachings of the Buddha, their elucidating treatises (Shastras) and commentaries.

May whatever merit that is accumulated
Defeat all negative energies
Like the cyclic waves of the ocean
May all beings be freed of Samsara

Precious Bodhicitta 
May it grow for those who are lacking
May it not disintegrate for those who have it
May Bodhicitta forever grow

(Prayers from Pajna Field Society;
Picture from cover of "The Nectar of Manjushri's Speech")

I feel so touched by this Manjushri prayer when I first read it years ago and I become misty-eyed when I first copied it. Each time I read it,  especially after a lapse of time, I always feel touched by it again. _/|\_

Dharma is beautiful if you know how to use it ~ Neyphug Rinpoche

So beautiful are the Prayers and the well translated prayers that the great masters had composed/translated too!!!
So beautiful and touching are the prayers...
Gratitude to their great work and also to the many teachers who had taken great effort to explain and teach us!
In great appreciation and gratitude to All !!! _/|\_
Thank you!!! _/|\_

May I also have the means to translate and teach well when I come back from Amitabha Buddha's Pureland! Amituofo!_/|\_

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Goodbye 2017 Welcome 2018!!!

*Finally, Just 1 day to  the  end of  2017.*

To The Triple Gems = *I  say  Thank  You.* 

To my true friends = *I  appreciate  you all.*

To those who showed me love = *I' m grateful.*

To those who hurt me = *I  forgive  and  forget.* 

To those I really hurt = *I'm so sorry, please forgive me.* 

To those who challenged me = *lets do it again.*

To those I showed love to = *I still love you and will continue to love you.*                                     

To those who helped me =  *I am so grateful and will reciprocate in due season.* 



Friday, December 15, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Salution to Lord Buddha

With great gratitude for the Skilful means , Great Compassion and Great Wisdom of the Buddha, I salute and bow down to Lord Buddha!!! _/|\_
We are always looking for identity in life and Dharma talk about Divine quality within us.
We take Refuge and potentially we will be refuged one day! We have that Divine ability Potential!!!
All teachings of Buddha are Excellent! It's a matter of whether we have the merits to understand the Dharma...
If Wisdom is obtained, Great compassion arises...

The Buddha is a great liar to bring us on the path to liberation. He always play along with us... ~ Neyphug Rinpoche

Explaining well the concept of Relative and Absolute Truth and really like His QnA before class that always gives one some pointers to bring back...
( Although Rinpoche always appeared tired before class but as he teaches,  his face radiates :-) _/|\_ )

Pardon is sought for any mis-interpretation or misunderstanding of above... _/|\_
May All accumulate good merits to hear,
 contemplate and meditate on the Teachings of Buddha!!!_/|\_

Om Benza Sato Hung _/|\_
Om Mani Padme Hung _/|\_
Amituofo _/|\_