Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Joyous Effort

It has been so many years since I first learnt "King of Prayers" and attended my first Vajrasattva retreat from Venerable Thubten Chodron at kmspks/Dabei and her subsequent sessions of Shantideva's "Engaging in Bodhisattva 's deeds".
This year is on "Joyous effort",  a good one for laxing me...

Some pointers:
Practice Like saying prayers of Aspirations Bodhicitta,  is like  planting seeds just like practise musical  instruments  till it gets better.
We may have doubt though reciting the great aspirations but can we really realise or  materialise  it?
Venerable assures we are now creating new good habits.
Even if it is hard and takes a long time, it is Okay as we are in right direction.

Rejoice that we met a path that works vs people who did not meet the Dharma or did not practice.

We are able to Distinguish between virtues and non virtues.
We try to get out of samsara of suffering.

We listen , integrate and contemplate.

Transforming our mind from... Ignorance,  anger and attachments,  greed,  non virtues
love, compassion, bodhicitta...

How do we transform?

story of Lama teacher to Comment on a devotee to practice Dharma.

Circumambulate...prostration... Reciting text....
( one may be doing so physically but mind may be thinking about having ice-cream after the practice,  etc)

~ transforming mind...

Not just physical action but motivation to make our mind virtuous...
( eg. change thought of overcoming anger over an event )
Mind becomes more peaceful..
Be happy...

Every being including flies, cockroaches, our adversity enemy has Buddha nature and can awaken.
Buddha is no liar so we do all have Buddha nature and not hopeless or special exception who does not have Buddha nature.
We can distinguish what is wholesome and beneficial.
And we can decide how to practice and move in right way.

In practising Dharma, there may be some discomfort but it is all for good of getting enlightenment.

Eg. in sitting meditation, we may experience body pain but the pain is worth it for us to bear to practice better.
It is interesting that with vision of pay-check, we will make effort to wake up early to work Or study, but when to wake up early for meditation,  we may tend to postpone... :-p

On practice of generosity,  a stingy person may train from giving from one hand to another  till gradually  to another persons'.; -)
Start from give food till flesh..._/|\_

Hmm, recommend to get the DVD on this 2 nights' teaching to revise...
A lot to contemplate till next year next chapter...

Am really Grateful towards the various teachers that I met and learnt from over the years....

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mundane mood

Found a cute picture from internet with caption that suits my mundane mood over the weekend...

阿弥陀佛! 🙏🙏🙏
忏悔,忏悔,再忏悔 😰😭😓
收心,收心,要收心 😑🌻😐
加油,加油,要加油 😑😅😘
精进,精进,再精进 😬😘🙏
阿弥陀佛! 🙏🙏🙏

(Pictures sourced from internet 🙏 )

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Eye treatment

普明照世間 ”

治眼疾有靈驗,应至誠念誦。 。。

Sources: Picture from internet 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Joy in an Age of Anxiety





Mingyur Rinpoche is finally here, after 4.5years in retreat and finally reached Singapore as one of his world tour stops to benefit more beings.

Finally, I get to see him live in person...

Some extracts of the talk...

Do you want to know what is it that we cannot change?
It's getting old...But we can change our mind...It's in our hand....
We cannot change our wrinkles, perhaps short term via botox but how we react to old age can change.

Eg of parking cars near carpark to gym and happily exercising on the treadmead verus walking in the open...
Pain in foot therapy...Chilli...

Whenever we face problems,, we tend to think the current situation is the worst in the world, but it is generally us making  a mountain out of a mole.

Our belief system: everything depends on external, main cause is in our mind.
Know your own mind, the essence , quality of your mind.
Don't look for external situation, Real Peace is in your mind.

Main problem is how to react to panic, not panic itself.

STretch your hand, touch your head, feel the warmth, the weight/pressure.
Watch TV & river...

Never try never fail
Durian meditation

Peaceful/clarity are just experience of meditation, but not the essence.

We all have problem but don't give up or exaggerate problem from 1% to 100%.
Think & Talk Positively.

1) Turn our mind inward for Peace
2) To find Peace via Meditation: Awareness of Body and Sound Meditation were taught
3) We all have Basic Goodness~ Appreciate your life, your breath.
Meditate Anywhere any time.
We should have the  motivation to take the Vajrasattva empowerment for all beings.
We are representing all beings to receive the empowerment. _/|\_
The practice encompass
1) Samatha meditation ~ concentration
2) Vipassana meditation ~insight, emptiness
(Vajrasattva form is empty yet appear as form)
3) Bodhicitta ~ to benefit all beings
4) Recognize our true Enlightened quality nature ~ imagine one is the Enlightened being,  imagine one as part of boundless wisdom & compassion
5) Benefit of purification of bad karma and accumulation of merits

Hmm, words written cannot be better than in presence of Rinpoche's live teaching with his own style of  presentation that puts the ideas across...
I had thought watching his recordings is good but Live in person is even superb....
May more be able to attend his teachings and benefit from them without obstacles. _/|\_
The way he taught at the Vajrasattva empowerment is refreshing which is pity that there is no recording to revise.
Strongly encourage all to attend in person for his talks and retreats. _/|\_

Sunday, September 11, 2016

20 Happy Habits

Harvard University Recommended 20 happy habits for 2016.
哈佛大学推荐20个快乐的习惯 2016 。

1. Be grateful. 

Slow down, look around you, and pay attention to the little details in your life – the delicate purple flower on the sidewalk, the beautiful sunset, the hot shower that washes away your long day, and the smile in your partner’s eyes…

When you have a grateful heart that is appreciative of life’s beauty, wonder and blessings, you’re automatically filled with happiness.

2. Choose your friends wisely.

According to Harvard, the most important external factors affecting individual happiness are human relationships. So if you want to be happy, choose to be around people who are optimistic, who appreciate you as you are, and who can make your life richer, bigger, more fun, and more meaningful.

3. Cultivate compassion.

When we try to step into other people’s shoes and understand a situation from another’s perspective, we’re more likely to handle the situation with compassion, objectivity and effectiveness. There will be less conflicts and more happiness.

4. Keep learning.

Learning keeps us young and dreams keep us alive. When we engage our brains and put them toward productive uses, we’re less likely to dwell on unhappy thoughts and much more likely to feel happy and fulfilled.

5. Become a problem solver.

Happy people are problem solvers. When they encounter a challenge in life, they don’t beat themselves up and fall into a depressive state. Instead, they face up to the challenge and channel their energies toward finding creative a solution. By becoming a problem solver, you’ll build up your self-confidence and your ability to accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to – and whatever challenges life throws your way.

6. Do what you love.

Since we spend over one-third of our adult life working, loving what we do has a huge impact on our overall happiness. If this is not possible at the moment, then try to find enjoyment and meaning in your current work, or cultivate a hobby that involves doing something you love.

7. Live in the present.

When you feel depressed, you’re living in the past. When you feel worried or anxious, you’re living in the future. But when you feel content, happy and peaceful, you’re living in the present.

8. Laugh often.

Laughter is the most powerful anecdote to anger or depression. Research has shown that the simple act of curving the corners of your mouth can increase your feeling of happiness. So don’t take life too seriously. Try to find humor and laughter in life’s everyday struggles.

9. Practice forgiveness.

Resentment and anger are forms of self-punishment. When you forgive, you’re actually practicing kindness to yourself. And most importantly, learn to forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s through our mistakes that we learn and grow to become a bigger and better person.

10. Say thanks often. 

Always be appreciative of the blessings in your life. And it’s equally important to express your appreciation to those who’ve made your life better in some way, big or small.

11. Create deeper connections.

Our happiness multiplies when we connect and bond with another human being on a deeper level. And being fully present and listening are two of the most important skills to strengthening that bond and bringing happiness to ourselves, and to others.

12. Keep your agreement.

Our self-esteem is built on the agreements we’ve made with ourselves. And high self-esteem has a direct correlation to happiness. So keep your agreements with others and with yourself.

13. Meditate.

According to Harvard, people who take 8 sessions of mindfulness meditation training are, on average, 20% happier than a control group. Such training can lead to structural brain changes including increased grey-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection.

14. Focus on what you’re doing.

When you put your mind, heart and soul into what you’re doing, you’re creating a happiness state – called the “flow.” When you’re living in the flow, you’re less likely to care about what others may think of you, and less bothered by things that are not that important. The result? More happiness, of course!

15. Be optimistic. 

For happy people, the glass is always half-full. If your tendency is to imagine the very worst-case scenario every time you face a challenge, then train yourself to reverse that tendency. Ask yourself what good can come out of the situation or what you can learn from it. Optimism surely fuels success and happiness.

16. Love unconditionally.

No one is perfect. Accept yourself for all of your imperfections. And do so for others. Loving someone unconditionally does not mean that you need to spend all your time with them or help them figure out their problems. Unconditional love means accepting people as they are, and allowing them to find their own ways, at their own pace.

17. Don’t give up.

Unfinished projects and repeated defeats inevitably dampen one’s self-esteem. If you’ve made up your mind to do something, see it through. Don’t give up until you succeed. Remember, failure is temporary but defeat is permanent. And defeat only occurs when you give up.

18. Do your best and then let go.

Everyone has limitations, and things don’t always turn out to be what we’d like them to be – despite our efforts. So always give your best, and then let go. Let events run their course. When you’ve done your best, you’ll have no regrets.

19. Take care of yourself. 

A healthy body is the key to happiness. If you have poor health, it’s very difficult to be happy no matter how hard you try. So make sure you eat well, exercise and find time to rest. Take good care of your body, your mind and your spirit.

20. Give back. 

Doing good is one of the surest ways to feel good. According to Harvard, when people do good, their brains becomes active in the very same reward center that is stimulated when they experience other rewards. So it’s not a surprise that people who care more about others are happier than those who care less about others.


More health tips

Cool! Hand massage is certainly easier... 

Follow this for Good simple eye therapy

恢復視力,玩(LINE messenger)的都要看!
Health tips ~Acupoints for Stomach (保健胃的穴位)



A Treasure for Health
A Fast and Safe Way to Lose Weight

Many factors can cause a person to become overweight.

Over-eating, constipation, inactivity and a multitude of other bodily stressors can contribute to the problem.

Many people want to lose weight; however, shedding pounds is really difficult. Because of the substantial number of these people, desirous of shedding excess pounds, many kinds of weight-loss products have appeared on the market and they are nearly as profitable for the manufacturers as cosmetics. However, many weight-loss formulas contain chemicals and produce unpleasant side effects, as many women well know.

Some middle-aged men have “beer bellies” and some women have accumulated fat in the abdominal area after having children. They want to get rid of the fat, but for many, exercising at a gym is not always convenient.

Now I’ll tell you a secret:

Do prostrations every morning for half an hour and your abdominal fat will vanish.

For faster, superior results, prostrate for half an hour in the morning and another half-hour in the evening.

You’ll be surprised at how rapidly you achieve the desired effect

Maintaining healthful dietary habits and a moderate level of activity are also important factors and including prostration in your daily routine assists in improving overall lifestyle choices by increasing willpower. Prostrating frequently encourages people to assume natural control over their appetite with ease.

Clearing Energy Channels and Promoting Blood Circulation

Multiple systems of circulation exist within the body. They include the digestive, vascular and energetic systems. An obstruction to the flow of any circulatory system will result in disease and an acceleration of the aging process. A regular prostration practice promotes smooth circulation, clearing energetic blockages and facilitating physical and emotional balance.

There are two major energy channels in the body: the “Ren” and the “Du.”

The Ren channel promotes blood circulation and serves as the primary reservoir of yin energy in the body, while Du nourishes life energy and serves as the main keeper of yang energy. When both channels are clear, blood and energy circulate freely in the body.

Prostration is also a gentle aerobic exercise that increases oxygen intake and – like any fitness activity – stimulatesthe production of endorphins, boosting mood and immunity.

Optimizing Heart and Brain Function

By the time they reach midlife, many people experience a decline in mental acuity. Heart problems, too, become more common in middle age.

The proliferation of sedentary jobs in modern life contributes to the fact that a significant segment of the population fails to exercise regularly, resulting in reduced oxygen levels in the heart and brain.

Working in an office setting for more than three hours often causes tiredness, as sitting for extended periods of time, even if the brain is active, restricts oxygen flow. A modicum of physical exercise and fresh air breaks are necessary to maintain mental sharpness.

Prostration engages the heart and brain, in part by repeatedly altering the body’s position from a typical upright stance to a downward-facing one. This whole bodyup-and-down motion encourages increased oxygen intake, providing a simple way to keep the cardiovascular and cerebral systems in optimum condition.

-- except from "Prostration for Better Living: An Introduction to Practicing Prostration"

A good reference on how to do full prostration:

It is recommended to do on yoga mat to protect your knee cap .

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Health tips

Received this fantastic message to share.... :-))

This is really worth your reading!

祝身体永远健康,香港伊利沙伯医院临床肿瘤科唐志聪医生编写 : 
Wishing you good health always - Doctor Tang from St. Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong wrote this:

We, human being, as long as our spleen, liver, large intestine and kidney are healthy, we will be far away from cancer, diabetes, heart attack and high blood pressure.

Keeping the Spleen healthy must be top priority.

Once you are sick, you must work on the recovery of your spleen first.

每天三餐,五谷杂粮一定要占总饮食的 50%,一定要养成这个习惯。 
Our daily three meals should contain 50% of grains/wheat/brown rice, must learn to make it as part of our eating habit and diet.

Grain crops are red bean, soya bean, green bean and Chinese Pearl barley. Lotus seeds are also good. Once your spleen is good, your liver will automatically be healthy.

Spleen is the organ that is manufacturing blood. The important schedules for processing are 12:00 am and 12:00 pm. Thus, when you need to rest, you must rest. Nowadays, they are a lot of people who are having liver problems. Why is it?

..晚睡、吃油炸的东西、坏脾气,这三个正是肝的三大克星。 Sleeping late, eating oily and fried foods and bad mood, these are the three nemesis.

When you eat oily foods, oil will cover up your whole liver, your liver will loss its functions.

When we are feeling uncomfortable, the sickness is coming to rectify our negligence, using pain to educate us, we must change our way of living.
Every morning, do you find difficulty to pass motion? What does that mean?

🍃}你身体纤维素摄取量完全不足。 Your intake of fibre is not enough.

Thousands of sickness main problems are caused by the inability to perform daily passing motion through the large intestine.

If your large intestine is good form, in the morning, you will be woken up by the movement of your  large intestine calling you. Why?

Because 5:00 am to 7:00 am, our large intestine is most actively performing it's functions. That's why we inform cancer patients must go to sleep at 9:00 pm. Because large intestine will automatically wake you up between 6:00 am to 7:00 am to sit on the toilet bowl.

How many times you must go to toilet everyday?

Please remember, if it's 4-5 days, you are seriously in constipated.

2-3 days once, considered as medium level of constipation.

Once a day is mild constipation.

Once the foods is maintained inside our stomach for 12 hours, it became poisonous particles.

因为毒素没有排出去,我们的大肠壁就会吸收这个毒素,吸收以后,透过静脉又送回肝脏去,糟糕了! 造成肝亏损,这个问题就很严重了。 
Because the poisonous particles are not passing out, it will be absorbed by the large intestinal wall, which then will send back to the liver, thus, damaging our liver. This will create a serious problem.

There is a direct relationship between our liver and large intestine. Once our large intestine is passable, liver will get recover, and build-up our antibody. Then, blood delivery to heart will be clean and no sickness will attack you.

When you always feel tired or very easy to get tired, that means you are having problems with the liver, your blood is unable to return back to your liver.

What is your health depending on?

While you are sleeping, your spleen is going to collect blood and deliver to the liver for dialysis. After cleaning and filtering up the poisonous particles, it will then deliver to the heart, the heart will then despatch throughout your body. You then received nutrients and get healthy.

Unfortunately, nowadays people are having problems with their spleen. Spleen itself is not storing blood.

There is only one method to maintain healthy spleen, eating grains/oat/wheat are the most effective way. Why modern body is so poor, with so many sicknesses?

Because they don't eat grains/oat, they eat burgers, fried chicken, steak, French fries, white rice. You must eat the source foods like brown rice, oat, wheat.

Recovering back the functionality of the four main organs, sickness will leave you.

😍}用心多看几次! 好好照顾自己! 》 这周是世界好友周,如果你愿意,请把这条信息发给你所有的好朋友 。 Be patient and read this over several times and take good care of yourselves. This week is "world friendship week", send this message to all of your good friends.

 ..当大部分人都在关注你飞得高不高时,只有少部分人关心你飞得累不累,这就是 友情。 
Most people are noticing how high you can fly, but very few people are taking note of how tired you are?

👯}再忙,也要照顾好自己, 朋友虽不常联系,却一直 惦念。 
However busy you are, you must take good care of yourself. Though friends are not always communicating with you but they have you in their mind.

When the weather is cold, you must wear enough to keep warm.

Happy world friendship day!

Drink less milk tea and stay far away from charging port.

Day time drink more water, night time drink less. One day shouldn't drink more than 2 cups of coffee.

🍔}少吃油多的食物, 最佳睡眠为晚上十点至早上六点 
Eat less oily foods. Best sleeping times are from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.

Evening time, don't eat too much after 5:00 pm. Don't drink more than one cup of alcoholic drink per day.

💊}不用冷水服胶囊, 睡前半小时服药忌立刻躺下。 
Don't eat medicines with cold water, eat medicines half hour before going to bed. Never eat medicines immediately laying down.

Don't sleep for less than 8 hours per day.

Having nap in the noon hour will keep you young and not age easily.

📲}手机电池剩一格时不要打电话, 剩一格时辐射是平时的一千倍。
Once your handphone battery is left with only one bar, don't make calls anymore, because the radiation wave is one thousand times higher than fully charged battery.

 👂}要用左耳接电话, 用右耳会直接伤害到大脑。 
Use your left ear to answer calls, right ear will directly hurt your brain.

💪}2016新概念 一个中心:一切以健康为中心。
New Concept in 2016, good health is most important, much more than any other things.

✌}两个基本点: 遇事潇洒一点, 看世事胡涂一点。
 Two basic points: greet everything in life with an elegant and cheerful approach.

🙏}三个忘记: 忘记年龄,忘记过去,忘记恩怨。 
Three things need to forget: forget your age, forget your past and forget your grievances.

👋}四个拥有: 无论你有多弱或多强,一定要: 拥有真正爱你的人, 拥有知心的朋友 , 拥有向上的事业, 拥有温暖的住所。
Four things you must have. No matter how weak or how strong you are, you must have: people who are truly loving you, have caring friends, progressive business or employment and a warm home.

✋}五个要: 要唱,要跳,要俏,要笑,要苗 
Five things you do : Singing, dancing, charming, smiling and growing.

👌}六个不能: 不能饿了才吃, 不能渴了才喝, 不能困了才睡, 不能累了才歇, 不能病了才检查, 不能老了再后悔。
Six things you don't : don't eat until you are hungry, don't wait till you are thirsty then you drink, don't feel sleepy then sleep, don't feel tired then rest, don't get sick then go for medical check-up, don't get senior then only regret.

After reading, forward this to everyone of your cherished friends and relatives